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Start Your Own Liquidation Business($40 for next 20 people)


Yesterday I had a grand opening of my own warehouse In Glendale,Arizona called Flipping Pallets. I am super excited about this new business!

I want to show you that you can start your own warehouse too. Instead of buying by the pallet, we are now buying by the truckloads and having them shipped directly from the retailers warehouse. 

If you can't find a warehouse near you this would be the perfect opportunity for you to monopolize in your area. 

In this course, I'm showing you where to buy the truckloads from, how to order truckloads depending on what type of business you are going to open, apps I use for hiring and bookkeeping, how to find brokers, Facebook groups to join, a tour of my warehouse, how to find a location, vocabulary & more

This course is on sale now for $40 for the next 20 people.

If you are looking to start your own liquidation business this course is for you!

I want to start to my business


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Congrats‼️ 🎉🎊 I have been following your journey and I’m proud of how far you have come. Keep being an inspiration! You inspire more people than you know!

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In regards to opening a liquidation business center, what would be the start-up cost for something like this and I know that cost for each location is different.

(7 courses for $25) 20 slots left

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(7 courses for $20) 20 slots available

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