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8 courses for $35 (13 slots left)

Happy Saturday,

Ace and I are running a $35 sale on our courses. This over 4 hours worth of material. The Money Pack is Valued at $220. (Only 13 slots left)

The Money Pack was created as a solution for people who want to have a solid income in the midst of an uncertain economy.

The Money Pack was created by two entrepreneurs who have successfully reached some of their biggest milestone profits in the middle of a global pandemic. This package is for anyone who is unsatisfied with their job, paycheck, or financial freedom.

With this bundle, you get a total of 8 of the top courses offered by Ashley, and Ace.


3 Courses by Ace

✓ The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide ($40)

- This course provides people looking to save money on flights, hotels, and transportation a step-by-step guide to saving hundreds of dollars on your next trip. This guide is essential to avoid falling into money traps!

✓ The Ultimate Flipping Guide($50)

- Ace shares his low risk, high reward method of finding deals and flipping them into a profit. He shows how he makes up to $2,500 in profit each week with his foolproof flipping techniques

✓Ultimate FHA GUIDE $(30)


✓ Video Lecture on Breaking Down and How to Properly Use FHA Loan

✓ Example of Deals I've Done

✓ How I Make Money With Real Estate

✓ Step by Step FHA Process

✓ How to Find Real Estate Agent

✓ How to Find Properties

✓ How to Negotiate Deals

✓ What Not to Do

✓ Much More

Courses by Ashley

✓ Flipping Pallets($25)

- In Flipping Pallets, Ashley shares 20 websites and a hands-on training on how you can buy pallets full of items from Amazon, Macy’s Target, Walmart or home-depot etc & resale them on different marketplaces for profit.

✓ The Hit List($25)

- With this course, you’ll receive a curated list of over 60 Instagram pages that Ashley personally used to generate a 6 figure following in less than 6 months. She grew her account from 1,000 followers to 113,000 followers using this method. This course is for any entrepreneur whose brand is struggling to generate sales or followers.

✓ My Own Beauty Brand ($25)

Learn how to start your own Beauty Brand

Are you looking to start your own hair care, skin care, beard kit, edge control, nail polish, weave, makeup or lip gloss brand? Many people want to start their own cosmetic line but don't know where to start & finish. My Own Beauty Line is the perfect way for you to get all the information you need while building your brand.

✓ Rent it Out ($25)

Are you looking for a way to make extra money on the side without breaking the bank? In this course, Ashley will be showing you how to simply buy items & rent them out for profit. Some of these ideas can be pretty passive yet profitable. Not only will she provide you with a list of items to rent out, she will share with you some platforms that can save you time and hassle when it comes to the marketing aspect of the business. She will also share some of things she personally does to make extra money.

✓ Affilate Marketing Video ($25)

Are looking to make money simply selling courses or products that you don't have to create? In this video, Ashley shows you how you can make money with affiliate marketing. In the past year she has made over 85,000 doing this and wants to show you how. 

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(7 courses for $20) 20 slots available

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