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Flipping Pallets/Products Academy

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If you want to create a successful flipping product/pallet business or side hustle but are struggling to take that first step, or maybe you bought product but are not good with selling it. Let me help guide you.

The reselling industry is billion dollar industry and it's your time to get a piece of the pie.

Over the past 26 months, I've been able to help over 60,000 people learn how to flip pallets from my course but now its time to offer a mentorship where I can offer tips, tricks, and strategies with other business owners and pallet flippers to offer more guidance.

My Pallet flipping journey started in 2019. I was looking for an additional source of income and my brother bought computers from a liquidation warehouse and I helped flipped them. In 2020, my cousin took me to a warehouse in Southern California and I flipped my first pallet on my own. I have been flipping products ever since.

As the world becomes more expensive it is necessary to have multiple sources of income that can ultimately change the trajectory of your life.

I am offering a mentorship to help get you started with flipping pallets/products from start to finish.

You will get all these videos below available for you to watch on your own time.

Week 1: Understanding the Liquidation industry

Week 2: How to find profitable products

Week 3: How to sell products on various platforms

Week 4: How to sell products continued taxes, sellers, license +

Week 5 Starting Your Liquidation Warehouse

You will also get the flipping Pallets course.

Classes are available as soon as you purchase!

We will have classes monthly in our private Facebook group!

here's what is included:

  • 24/7 hour support in our private Facebook Group
  • Websites to order products from.
  • Over 10 videos worth of information
  • Guest speakers who actively flip pallets/products or own liquidation warehouses
  • Assistance with listing and shipping products
  • You will join our private Facebook Group with over 500 likeminded individuals.
  • Locations of warehouses
  • Where to buy/sell items
  • Learn how to start your liquidation warehouse,
  • How to make a Shopify website for your products & more

Due to the nature of this content no refunds are available!

This is a subscription so you will get charged monthly

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Flipping Pallets/Products Academy

3 ratings
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