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Get All 9 of my courses in one bundle.

1. Flipping Pallets

In this course, I’m showing you how to find goods and sell them for a profit. 💰I provide 20 different websites where you can find items to flip.I’m going to demonstrate how you buy pallets full of items from Amazon, Macy’s Target, Walmart or home-depot etc & resale them on different marketplaces 💵Flipping pallets is a great side hustle you can double,or triple your money.

2. Start your own liquidation warehouse

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to begin, manage & scale your liquidation business.

You will learn: -Where To Buy Truckloads.

-How To Order Truckloads specific to your desired Inventory.

-Exact Apps I use for Hiring Bookkeeping You will learn insider guidance on Locating Brokers as well as Informative Facebook Groups to Join.

This course will also take you on a tour of my thriving Warehouse along with my personal tips on finding a Location and the right Vocabulary to navigate in the liquidation Industry. This is the only course you’ll need to start & scale your Liquidation business.

3. Digital Empire

Are you looking to grow your digital empire? You landed on the right page. The number of people making money online has increased significantly since the pandemic first started. Over 4 million people quit their job in 2021 alone. Making money online is a dream come true especially when no inventory is involved. This allows you to make money while you are sleep, on vacation, or spending time with your loved ones. Could you imagine not having a boss, no coworkers, or not sitting in traffic all day? It's time to become your own boss, make your own schedule and ditch your alarm clock.

I have been making money online since 2018 and experienced failure and success. I have made almost 2 Million dollars selling digital products alone. I found more success in selling digital products than any other business venture I have ever done. Let's be honest anyone can make a course but how can you bring in sales? How can you grow your social media presence? How can you change your life with course sales?

In this course, I will be teaching you how to make a course and grow your social media empire.

Heres some topics I will cover:

1. How to make reels that turn into sales

2. How to write captions that get your audience engaged

3. How to make a course and identify what platform works best for you

4. How make content for your social media

  1. How to get sales through emails
  2. How results help sell your course
  3. Marketing
  4. How to showcase your personality
  5. Building a brand not just selling a course
    1. Finding your niche and proving value
  6. Course topics
  7. Importance of staying authentic
  8. How to Build a community
  9. How to price your course
  10. Customer service/ Reputation
  11. Running sales
  12. How to story tellIf you are ready to build your digital empire this course is for you.

4. Rent it Out!

Are you looking for a way to make extra money on the side without breaking the bank? In this course, I will be showing you how to simply buy items & rent them out for profit. Some of these ideas can be pretty passive yet profitable. Not only will I provide you with a list of items to Rent out, I will share with you some platforms that can save you time and hassle when it comes to the marketing aspect of the business. I also share some of things I personally do to make extra money. 

5. The Hit List

This is Power Point list that provides over 60 Instagram Pages.

Some of these pages are exactly what grew my Instagram from around 1k followers in April 2020 to about 113k followers in Sep 2020

Posting my controversial ads on these pages generated over 480,000 Sales in less than 6 Months.

If your brand, course, or business is struggling to generate sales or followers this Power Point is here to help you!

6. My Own Beauty Line

Are you looking to start your own hair care, skin care, beard kit, edge control, nail polish, weave, makeup or lip gloss brand? Many people want to start their own cosmetic line but don't know where to start & finish. My Own Beauty Line is the perfect way for you to get all the information you need while building your brand. My Name is Ashley J & I own Curlay LLC. So many people have asked me how to get started making their own brands & I would love to help.

Here is what I am offering. Ebook +Video

-Helping you choose between making or private labeling your product

-A list of 20 Quality Manufacturers

-Ordering samples

-Where to get your product bottles

-How to get your logos made

-How to get your Labels made

-What to tell your Graphic Designer

-How to figure out what size Labels you need

-How to get your labels printed & find water & oil resistant paper

-How to market on Instagram

-What to post on Instagram

-Creating a theme on Instagram

-Color psychology

-How to sell a lifestyle in order to Sale a Product

- How to create a Target Audience

--Instagram shout-outs

-LLC & EIN info

-Tips to help you stay in business 

7. 7 Figure Masterclass Replay. Come Learn how I turned my social media into a cash cow by selling digital products.We will cover:My top 3 strategies that grossed me 7 figuresHow to create engaging content that leads to sales. How to choose which digital product works best for you & how to create itHow story telling leads to salesHow to get your audience to trust youHow not to oversell Growing your social media & influence Marketing& MORE This Masterclass was previously recorded on zoom and you will get a replay of it.

Your modules will be released in your Gumroad library

Week 1: Developing an entrepreneur mindset, finding your niche,

Week 2: Creating the product/ Apps

Week 3: Brand Building: Instagram/Tiktok /creating content

Week 4: Instagram shoutout outs, Finding instagram pages, email marketing & sales.

(These videos are prerecorded and for you to watch on your own time. The videos will be located in your gumroad library)

  • Learn how to set up webinars or create eBooks, courses or groupchats
  • Learn how to do the "free" method
  • Learn how to create reels, tweets, & tiktoks that convert into sales.
  • Learn how story telling leads to sales
  • Learn how to turn viewers into life long customers
  • Learn how to build a team & outsource your work
  • Learn CTAs & hooks
  • Learn my systems
  • Learn how to get started without followers
  • Learn how to write converting captions
  • Learn how to sell without selling
  • Learn how to sell solutions
  • Learn the "count down" method
  • Learn the business side of selling courses (taxes, empoylees, bookkeeping)
  1. The Come upIn this book, I will cover a variety of topics that have been important in my life journey, including motherhood, discipline, financial mistakes, childhood experiences, monetizing social media, depression, business failures, changing my mindset, and starting my first business.Through sharing my experiences and lessons learned, I hope to provide inspiration and guidance to others who may be facing similar challenges. I will discuss the challenges of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship and the importance of discipline in achieving success.I will also discuss my financial mistakes, including overspending and taking on debt, and how I learned to manage my finances better. Childhood experiences, such as growing up being raised by my aunt that also played a significant role in shaping my perspective on life and my entrepreneurial journey.Additionally, I will discuss the strategies I used to monetize social media and turn my passions into a successful business. I will also share my experiences with depression and how I overcame it to achieve successOverall, this book is a testament to the power of determination, perseverance, and the willingness to learn and grow from our experiences. I hope that it will serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to anyone who is striving to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.
    Finally, I will share the strategies that enabled me to make my first million dollars in just 13 months, and how I attained financial freedom. My hope is that this book will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone who is facing their own challenges and striving to achieve success."

9.You can now purchase the replay of this video

In this two day masterclass, we will be going over 10 different ways to increase your income. In this is class, we will go over 5 topics on

I personally have 7 sources of income and working on number 8. I would love to help you increase your sources of income so that you can become financially free. I decided to do a webinar because I want you to be able to see me explain everything to you live. I also want you to be able to ask questions live.

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The Real Deal

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