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Digital Product Mentorship (Oct)

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Digital Product Mentorship (Oct)

Ashley J
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This 1 Month Program will include 4 Sessions. 1 session per week.

Your module will be released in your Gumroad library every Monday & there will be a live Zoom class on Saturday of each week.

Week 1: Developing an entrepreneur mindset, finding your niche, Oct 8th 12pm PST

Week 2: Creating the product/ Apps Oct 15 12pm PST

Week 3: Brand Building: Instagram/Tiktok /creating content Oct 22 12pm pst

Week 4: Instagram shoutout outs, Finding instagram pages, email marketing & sales. Oct 29 12pm Pst

If you signed up, and are not able to attend on that particular day a recorded version will be sent to you via email.

  • Email templates
  • Learn how to set up webinars or create eBooks, courses or groupchats
  • Learn how to do the "free" method
  • Learn how to create reels, tweets, & tiktoks that convert into sales.
  • Learn how story telling leads to sales
  • Learn how to turn viewers into life long customers
  • Learn how to build a team & outsource your work
  • Learn CTAs & hooks
  • Learn my systems
  • Learn how to get started without followers
  • Learn how to write converting captions
  • Learn how to sell without selling
  • Learn how to sell solutions
  • Learn the "count down" method and how
  • Learn the business side of selling courses (taxes, empoylees, bookkeeping)

Access to my private Facebook Groupchat

  • Q&A
  • Brand Building
  • Stay in touch with people who are learning with you
  • Opporunities to go live with me to promote your brand
  • Weekly check in's

My team and I are only taking people every 4 weeks so secure your spot now!

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