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Digital Empire Mentorship

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Are you looking to grow your digital empire? You landed on the right page. The number of people making money online has increased significantly since the pandemic first started. Over 4 million people quit their job in 2021 alone. Making money online is a dream come true especially when no inventory is involved. This allows you to make money while you are sleep, on vacation, or spending time with your loved ones. Could you imagine not having a boss, no coworkers, or not sitting in traffic all day? It's time to become your own boss, make your own schedule and ditch your alarm clock.

I have been making money online since 2018 and experienced failure and success. I have made almost 2 Million dollars selling digital products alone. I found more success in selling digital products than any other business venture I have ever done. Let's be honest anyone can make a course but how can you bring in sales? How can you grow your social media presence? How can you change your life with course sales?

In this mentorship, I will be teaching you how to make digital courses and grow your social media empire.

If you are ready to build your digital empire this mentorship is for you.

Your modules will be released in your Gumroad library

Week 1: Developing an entrepreneur mindset, finding your niche,

Week 2: Creating the product/ Apps

Week 3: Brand Building: Instagram/Tiktok /creating content

Week 4: Instagram shoutout outs, Finding instagram pages, email marketing & sales.

(These videos are prerecorded and for you to watch on your own time. The videos will be located in your gumroad library)

  • Learn how to set up webinars or create eBooks, courses or groupchats
  • Learn how to do the "free" method
  • Learn how to create reels, tweets, & tiktoks that convert into sales.
  • Learn how story telling leads to sales
  • Learn how to turn viewers into life long customers
  • Learn how to build a team & outsource your work
  • Learn CTAs & hooks
  • Learn my systems
  • Learn how to get started without followers
  • Learn how to write converting captions
  • Learn how to sell without selling
  • Learn how to sell solutions
  • Learn the "count down" method
  • Learn the business side of selling courses (taxes, empoylees, bookkeeping)

Access to my private Facebook Groupchat

  • Q&A
  • Brand Building
  • Stay in touch with people who are learning with you
  • Opportunities to go live with me to promote your brand
  • Weekly check in's

My team and I are only taking people every 4 weeks so secure your spot now!

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Digital Empire Mentorship

17 ratings
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