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Ashley J
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Are you looking to grow your digital empire? You landed on the right page. The number of people making money online has increased significantly since the pandemic first started. Over 4 million people quit their job in 2021 alone. Making money online is a dream come true especially when no inventory is involved. This allows you to make money while you are sleep, on vacation, or spending time with your loved ones. Could you imagine not having a boss, no coworkers, or not sitting in traffic all day? It's time to become your own boss, make your own schedule and ditch your alarm clock.

I have been making money online since 2018 and experienced failure and success. I have made almost 2 Million dollars selling digital products alone. I found more success in selling digital products than any other business venture I have ever done. Let's be honest anyone can make a course but how can you bring in sales? How can you grow your social media presence? How can you change your life with course sales?

In this course, I will be teaching you how to make a course and grow your social media empire.

Heres some topics I will cover:

1. How to make reels that turn into sales

2. How to write captions that get your audience engaged

3. How to make a course and identify what platform works best for you

4. How make content for your social media

  1. How to get sales through emails

  2. How results help sell your course

  3. Marketing

  4. How to showcase your personality

  5. Building a brand not just selling a course

  6. Finding your niche and proving value

  7. Course topics

  8. Importance of staying authentic

  9. How to Build a community

  10. How to price your course

  11. Customer service/ Reputation

  12. Running sales

  13. How to story tell

    If you are ready to build your digital empire this course is for you.


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