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Mentorship August 2022

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Mentorship August 2022

Ashley J
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If you want to create a digital product but are struggling to take that first step, let me help guide you.

A digital product offers you an additional source of income with high profit margins, no inventory and easy scalability. 

Over the past 26 months, I've been able to gross $1,700,000 in sales from my Digital Products and I want to teach you the tips, tricks, and strategies I've used to accomplish this. 

My digital journey started in 2020. I was working for DoorDash, & I was looking for an additional source of income. I then learned from my cousin how to flip pallets from liquidation warehouses using OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

From there, I realized I could create a digital course teaching people how they can flip pallets for an additional source of income. 

The course took off and forever changed my life for the better. I was able to quit my job and become my own boss from this course I was selling.

As the world becomes more immersed in e-commerce, it is necessary to have a skill you can teach online if you want to make a living in the digital world.

I am offering a 4 week mentorship to help get started with selling your digital product. 

This 1 Month Program will include 4 Sessions. 1 session per week.

Week 1: Developing an entrepreneur mindset, finding your niche August 9th 2022 6:30pm Pst

Week 2: Creating the product/ Apps August 16th 2022 6:30pm Pst

Week 3: Brand Building: Instagram/Tiktok /creating content August 23rd 2022 6:30pm Pst

Week 4: Instagram shoutout outs, Finding instagram pages, email marketing & sales. August 30th 2022 6:30pm pst

If you signed up, and are not able to attend on that particular day a recorded version will be sent to you via email.

This mentorship will include free access to my group chat with others who are building digital empires.

The mentorship will also include The Hit List which is a list of all the instagram pages I pay to grow my brand.

There are limited slots available so book your seat now!

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